Operation Santa Route 2020


Each night contains the list of streets Santa will visit each night.


Saturday, December 5

Hughson Holiday Parade through downtown Hughson with Santa time after the parade.      (Site/route to be determined by parade committee)(If still scheduled)


Saturday, December 12

Tully, Flora Vista, Leaflet, Estancia, San Gabriel, Little, Collinwood, Paul, Mari, Ester Marie, Heartnut, Graybark, Nutshell, Greenleaf, Tassle, Seedling, Catkin, Walnut Haven, Gorman, Narcisco, Bishop.


Sunday, December 13

Fodermaier, Carpathian, Shubert, Varni, Imshu, Burlwood, Kenworthy, Metcalf, Prelude, Concerto, Melodie, Finale, Bravo, Symphony, Encore, Rhapsody, Feathers, Adeline Mulberry, Willow, White Birch, White Pine, Sugar Maple, Charles St(north of Fox).


Friday, December 18

Fox Glen, Vixen, Thicket, Heathrow, Kit Fox, Huntmaster, Bramble, Steeplechase, Deforest, Morgan Lynn, Chris Albert, Thomas Taylor, Chantilly, Breton, Dinard, Colbert, Tristan, 7th street(north of Fox), Palerno, Fontana Ranch, Amber, Nuncia, Nannos.


Saturday, December 19

Hughson, Elm, Locust(west of 7th), Pine(west of 7th), 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th(north of Whitmore), 5th(north of Whitmore), 6th(north of Whitmore), 7th(south of Fox and north of Whitmore), Walker, Palmer, Cole, Everett, Charles St(south of Fox),


Sunday, December 20

Vincent, Palma, Rosalie, Laura, Domenic, Portia Way, Pine(East of 7th), Locust(East of 7th), Orchard, Mariposa, Santa Fe(between Charles and 7th), 4th(south of Whitmore), 5th(south of Whitmore), 6th(south of Whitmore), 7th(south of Whitmore), Whitmore (between Charles and Euclid).